mobile pictures of the week

Old garage on the 8th ave

Fleurs du Jardin

Norah et Baba au Metro Rosemont

Brébeuf, Qc.

Echinaceas in dans le jardin.

Front yard on Ducharme, Outremont, Qc.

This is more the two last weeks, I could show you a lot more but now you can just go on the left of this blog and view them all in on click on Flickr.


Mid-week inspiration: Tiger in a jar

beet cake from tiger in a jar on Vimeo.

I am not ashamed to say that I am jealous of the creativity of the couple behind Tiger in a Jar. What a great visual and ideal to depict a recipe. A extra step to food photography!!

found via Honestly...WTF


Sleeping beauty

Voici Norah à 14 mois faisant la sieste chez grand-maman. Je pourrai passer des heures à la regarder dormir, c'est si apaisant et calme. psst! voyez comment elle n'a pas encore son tan d'été, seulement sur les mains!! attendez de voir ses photos de 15 mois! <3


Burlington and Anjou antique store

First, we stopped by Plattsburg and then took the ferry to Burlington.

Anjou in an Antique store in Burlington on Main street. It is a must go see for sure!

 Then we walked on Church street, looked around and went back home.

It was short but sweet!! 
I now can say that I looooove Burlington.


mobile pictures of the week

Jolie plante verte chez maman
On our way to Burlington, VT

Plattsburg, NY
Lavender from the garden
Saturn peach to start the day
Comment résister?!

Bonne nuit!


Chez François et Coco

 Chez François et Colette à Verdun, petit ilot de verdure dans la ville.