"Trade" on diptychs

I think this is one of my favourite diptych since a long time. I am always amazed by the work of my great friend Natalia Shaidenko.

Mobile pictures of the week

Montreal is dressed in gray and magenta today.


Mid-week inspiration: Caroline Tran photography

I have been following Caroline Tran Blog for a little while now, appreciating her great talent to capture events like weddings, engagements, baby and kids... with such a nice light and soft mood. This ranch wedding is just a prefect example of the AMAZING photographer she. Truly pure inspiration, hoping to get half as far as she did one day.
Visit her blog or website to get filled by beauty!

all photographs are made by Caroline Tran.


The summer is already coming to an end, but my favorite season is about to start: fall.
Le fond de l'air un peu croquant, le soleil toujours chaleureux... rien de mieux qu'une petite balade avec un petit foulard autour du cou pour profiter des belles couleurs de la nature! ahhhhh!

Have a great week end!


Perkin's Cove, Maine

Perkin's Cove port

Norah just loves it

Cute bird house

have a seat!?

Perkin's cove is a nice will port in Maine, Usa (even if it is a little bit touristic... the scenery is just lovely).